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Technical Services

Technical Services

We design, develop and calculate technically advanced sewn products in cooperation with our clients. Our field of expertise include drawings, technical documentation, materials (fabric, ribbons, buckles, etc), prototype manufacturing, production management, quality control, logistics and customer service.

Engineering Design

We transform ideas to final products and assist with design work, development and manufacturing.

Technical Documentation

Production of technical orders, part catalogues and other tehnical publications for new or existing products.

Technical Calculations

We provide support in product development calculations and help with troubleshooting in fields such as durability and component dimensioning.

System Safety

Qualified identification, analysis and assessment of risk of injury to persons, property and environment in new and existing systems in the form of for example System Safety Program Plan (SSPP), Safety Assessment Report (SAR), and Hazard Log (HL) in accordance with current regulations of the FMV.


Technical sewing for demanding reality. We manufacture sewn products for civilian and military end users with high requirements for quality and durability.

AutoCAD Drawings

Our engineering office produce technical drawings of new and current products using AutoCAD software.

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